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Chief Technology Officer

Jaime holds overall responsibility for development, testing, commissioning, operations, technical support and maintenance. He is ultimately responsible for the JourneyHero technology. Jaime is uniquely qualified for such a role. He was previously the CIO/Senior Technology Executive for TACA/Avianca, AeroMexico, Air Berlin and IAG (British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling). Jaime has more than 25 years as an airline executive with senior leadership experience in Finance, Revenue Management, Scheduling, Airport Operations and he brings all of that knowledge to JourneyHero.


Chief Operating Officer

Rosa is responsible for linking all of the technology with the commercial, operational and financial resources. She ensures that the technology is properly deployed to the world and manages all matters related to digital marketing, customer support, analytics and data curation. Rosa is the CEO of Globerella Limited, the largest shareholder in JourneyHero Holdings Company Limited, so she is the most interested party in ensuring successful implementation. Rosa has been associated with the travel industry for nearly 15 years.


Chief Designer

Shane is responsible for model development, logical and functional design, and data design of the JourneyHero technology. Shane created the concept of JourneyHero and continues to play an active role in determining the product plan, the content of versions and new releases. Shane had a long career as a technology and travel executive but has returned to his creative roots to develop JourneyHero. Shane specifically conceptualised JourneyHero to be a disruptive paradigm shift to improve the travel experience for online purchasers.


Director Data Resources

Shaz is responsible for collating, curating, calibrating and ensuring the distribution of the important public and private data of JourneyHero. Precisely curated data is what makes JourneyHero a paradigm shift from other travel applications as well as local processing of this data . Ensuring that private data is never transferred from a user’s device is a discipline policed by Shaz. She is an enthusiastic data specialist and also an experienced traveller so she knows the importance of accurate travel data.


Cloud Development Manager

Diego is responsible for interface design, development and deployment of the JourneyHero application. Along with his extended team, Diego ensures the robustness of development and testing that makes the JourneyHero technology production-ready. The minimalist design along with intuitive use of artificial intelligence data checks allows for fast performance with more than 60% of processing completed on the device. Diego is the creative drive behind many of JourneyHero’s best features and his experience as a game developer ensures intuitive usability of JourneyHero.



Technical Director Europe

As Technical Director, Hala is responsible for the development of the JourneyHero App for Android, as well as the testing of the app and the website. Our Dear Hala manages the development teams to ensure that technical requirements are met.

About the Technology

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JourneyHero Company Limited is the wholly-owned technology provider for JourneyHero Holdings Company Limited. This technology company is formed to provide innovative and exciting technologies to customers requiring a unique service. Offering a full range of technology components, operations, maintenance and customisation.

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